• About HoboHideout.com

My name is Andy of HoboTraveler.com founder of HoboHideOut.com.
A site with 6.5 Million Cities and anticipate 25-50 Million Hotels when populated.
HoboHideOut.com is a sister site to the famous travel site HoboTraveler.com founded in January of 2000 by Andy of while on his journey around the world in January of 2000 in Panama City, Panama.

I go by many names,

Gringo in Mexico, Central and South America
Farang in Thailand, Southeast Asia
Abroni or White Man in Ghana, West Africa

My name however you say it, is Foreigner, I am a traveler, and I need a room. I have been wondering the planet as a Hobo for roughly 10 years and 77 countries. The photos at the top of this page I took, as I wandered the planet in my dream of knowing this small planet we share.

My Dream
I dream of being able to travel to the smallest village, the largest city, the most remote corner of the planet. The place I want to know, if I travel to the edge of the planet, where I know if I fall off, there be dragons, I want to find a room for me or for you.

The dream here is not to find a room for me, the dream is to find you the Travelers of the planet, the room you desire, from a Five Star Resort, to that extra room for some Aussie coming to visit his friends working in England. A home stay in some African country, a room for the person who needs a room tonight.

My dream is to allow you to find your perfect home away from home. NOT my perfect home, but your perfect home. I wish and dream that this page allows all the planet to help each other to live as they wish, where they wish and pay what their budget allows.

To find the room at your budget and in the city of your choice.

This is the dream of HoboHideOut.com to allow all travelers to find their perfect room, big or small to be listed, and to allow all an equal chance, so when I go to the edges of our planet, we do not fall of, instead we find as travelers or tourists rooms suited our dreams and desires.

Help us by telling your friends of HoboHideOut.com today.

Andy a Hobo, always called foreigner in many languages, a citizen of the USA, who has traveled the planet now for 10 years and 77 countries.

Thank You, may all the good Gods be with you.

Andy of HoboTraveler.com in Bangkok, Thailand October 2007

Andy's Travel Journal is one of Forbes.com top five world travel blogs, listed in Guardian Blog Watch, on the New York Times, in about About.com and while in West Africa took photos for Roughguides.com.